Yabing Bio.jpeg

Yabing Wang

Chief Security Architect, Allstate

Yabing joined Allstate in 2002 in Information Security and became an Enterprise
Architect in 2006. She had developed Allstate Security Framework and security
strategies, and built critical security systems for Allstate. She has also led teams
successfully rolled out Allstate Enterprise Single Sign On solution, as well as the
Application Security Assurance Program across the company.

Yabing added management responsibility above technical leadership responsibilities in 2009, and has managed multiple technology architecture teams since then. Yabing has obtained Allstate’s highest award Chairman’s award in 2012 for her accomplishment and value add to the company. Currently Yabing is the Chief Security Architect managing all security architects and responsible for company’s security risk framework, security technology strategies and roadmaps, as well as  security reference and solution architecture. Yabing also leads architecture governance team responsible for architecture standards, policies, portfolio and product management, as well as architecture governance process. Yabing reports to Allstate’s Chief Architect and Chief
Information Security Officer.

Prior to Allstate, Yabing has worked for Netscape Communications, 1st internet company in United States, for 5 years. Yabing got her Master’s Degree in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Philosophy in China.